Consultancy for schools on:

Alternative behaviour strategies linked to psychology and mental health


Helping schools reduce the amount of physical intervention being used through re-thinking their behaviour policy and training staff  



Supporting young people with mental health needs in school (including self-harm, depression, phobia, OCD and eating disorder)


Developing non-tokenistic curriculums that support learning and mental health integrally 


Developing support for students with ASD


Developing support for children with communication needs


Developing support for young people in primary / preparatory schools who are Gifted and Talented in mathematics, English or Science


Maths & English confidence courses for TAs, HLTAs and teachers moving year group. Courses in supporting staff moving to year 5 or 6 cover transitional elements - so a course for year 6 practitioners will actually cover content for year 6/7, thus helping you feel secure in supporting your most able students. 

Latest class dates:


We are currently arranging dates for the summer term 2022 - contact us to register interest and be emailed first, as these tend to fill up quickly! 


do you have several staff changing year groups? We can come and deliver the training in your school if you would prefer! 





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