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Arun Court School - Resilience & Perseverance lead to success 

Arun Court School has a clear remit of taking students who have suffered a mental health breakdown, making them well through intensive therapy held within a school setting, then slowly re-introducing them to learning. The school has a clear aim to return students to non-independent settings once they are mentally well and when they have ‘closed the gap’ in their academic learning. We aim that students leaving us are re-entering the system at the point that they would have been at if a breakdown had not occurred.



Our school logo - the hardest shell, the seed of the wawa tree. In Akan culture the symbol represents someone who is strong. Our young people have often been through very difficult experiences but they are still alive, and still trying; they do not realise how brave and strong they have already shown themselves to be. We want to build on that strength to get our students truly healthy and able to fulfil their potential. Therapy is hard. School is hard. Life is hard. But under their tough shells, our students all have the potential to break through new shoots and become impressive trees - we provide the first crack in the shell - they then find the rest of the force needed. 


SDP - Strategic Development Plan



Our priorites are planned, but we ensure enough flexibility that they can be altered to suit the cohort. This year 2019/20, and for the next three years, our over-arching school priorities are:


Looking in


Continuing to improve attendance and behaviours for learning, including healthy lifestyles. This years focus is on sleep, exercise, online addiction and food. 


Continuing to improve parental engagement and attendance at support groups, events and services. This years focus is on developing a new system of support linked with social experiences.  


Through creative and innovative planning and support, to lower the number of students on the at risk list for suicide and to ensure our safeguarding is outstanding and innovative. This years focus is on implementing the suicide prevention competences framework and creating new in-house P.A.F (plans around the family) structures, especially for students where other services are no longer involved. 


Security - financial security of the school and comissioning of services 



Looking out


Sustainability of the school in terms of resources and skills, but also environmental sustainability and ensuring students are supported and their progress is sustainable after transition 


Holding to account - through attendance at conference, training, networking and relationship building, plus innovative initiatives we create ourselves and in partnership, to ensure that Surrey safeguarding standards improve and that there is more joined-up positive engagement between providers, the health authorities, education services, social care and CAMHs for the benefit of all the community. We are in a unique position to work on this as we are the first setting of this kind in the South-East of England, representing a more hospital school style provision but much longer term placements. 



To achieve these long term aims the school is also running a leadership project. It is essential that all members of our community see themselves as leaders and experts in specific areas, and that responsibility is shared. This year 2019/20 our focus is on strengthening student voice, effective supervision and the 'we are all experts' campaign. 













These services are not associated with us. We are not responsible for the quality of service they provide, we are recommending them based on the positive experiences of some young people known to us. By inclusion in this list nor are we suggesting that we are in any way affiliated with these servcies. 

ANXIETY UK - Support, online counselling, magazine, advice 

Text line: 07537416905

Info line: 03444775774  


Website provides support for young people, professionals and parents. Young people who feel they are having a mental health crisis can get instant emergency support by texting YM to 85258


depression and suicide prevention charity for men and young males. Very useful overnight support line 5pm to midnight.

0800 58 58 58 

OCD UK - advice, online counselling, support and magazine. Dedicated youth services.


PAPYRUS - suicide prevention young people's hotline 0800 068 41 41 

An eating disorder support service - smaller than some of the bigger associations, but specifically aimed at young people.

01482 718130

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