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AMBITION FOR ALL - Curriculum Statement

What is our curriculum about?

Our curriculum aims to be broad and exciting in order to engage learners who have been out of school for long periods of time or who find school very difficult. It is delivered in a gentler and more holistic manner, and subjects are linked a great deal. We focus on using practical experiences as much as possible and due to our Nordic routes include not only the full UK curriculum but also several other elements such as philosophy and environmental studies. Due to high staffing we aim to allow students to have a say in their own personal curriculum and be as bespoke as possible, especially in years 7 to 9. As we move to outstanding we are continuing to develop wider curriculum aspects such as student voice, our clubs offer and community links. We teach in a blended manner, so therapuetic aspects are included throughout each lesson and our support staff have a heavy focus on improving mental health, not simply academic interventions. 


In year 10 the curriculum narrows and our process for deciding this is explained in the Careers, Exams and Next Step tab. 

Where does our curriculum lead to?

Our curriculum is ambitious and has a strong focus on students following their personal interests as well as achieving solid English and maths qualifications. Recently we have reduced our GCSE offer, although we still have a very good range, in favour of equivalent or alternative qualifications and certificates in a much broader range of interests. Each year we discuss the possibilities with the new year 11s and year 10s and try to create an inital program that meets their needs. Our curriculum is not aimed at achieving GCSEs rather to providing a solid platform to gain a suitable next step placement and helping young people see a route to achieving a job in an area that interests them. 


Although our curriculum is based on knowledge, we also teach a strong life skills strand alongside with students gaining Action Awards / ASDANs or completing diplomas (often insurable as work qualifications) and level 1 -3 certificates (some of which are GCSE equivalent) in areas of personal interest. These courses are all based on assignments and coursework rather than a final exam, which often suits our young people. Beauty, animal care, computer and gaming, crafts are among the topics that have been very popular of late but the range of courses available is incredibly broad. These courses are still accepted by many colleges. 


All students complete a cognitive abilities test and further research is made into their learning style. We use this information to design a programme in which they have a say and which progressively increases from an inital high amount of therapy, to less therapy and more academics as their mental health improves.


Students with additional SEN diagnosis or needs complete the same testing, and we are ambitious for all our students. We run a strong interventions offer and much of our teaching is actually 1:1 or small group tuition.


Every week the SLT debates any proposed changes to an individual's or group curriculum with suggestions for changes coming from teachers, professionals or indeed the students themselves. In this way our curriulum remains bespoke and relevant to the student, thus reducing their anxiety around learning. 


See policies and curricula below - we are happy to share detailed Medium Term Plans upon request. Please see the TAB to your left for secondary overviews 

Curriculums covering all years

Surrey RE agreed syllabus .pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.0 MB]
promotion of British Values[...]
Microsoft Word document [14.0 KB]

The above is further enhanced by the additional PSME 'Philosophy, Sociology, Morality and Ethics' as laid down in the curriculum maps for each dual year.  

whole school art and design .pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [796.1 KB]

In addition to the above, because art is so therapeutic, each year group curriculum map includes additional art projects and also details of visiting craftspeople. We are able to teach ART to GCSE following either the 'fine arts' 'installation art' or 'photography' OCR syllabus as laid out on their website. 

This excel document detailed the key learning objectives covered across all year groups - thanks to Oakwood High School for sharing this resource and allowing us to adapt it.
2018 NEW SCHOOL Full maths scheme of wor[...]
Microsoft Excel sheet [545.3 KB]
As set down by the Pearson examination board this scheme prepares students to work towards the combined science exam in year 11 (equivalent to 2 GCSE)
SCIENCE PEARSON Biol 5yr SoW - 3yr Combi[...]
Microsoft Word document [306.5 KB]
as above for CHEMISTRY
SCIENCE PEARSON Chem 5yr SoW - 3yr Combi[...]
Microsoft Word document [299.8 KB]
as above for PHYSICS
SCIENCE PEARSON Phys 5yr SoW - 3yr Combi[...]
Microsoft Word document [304.8 KB]

Text the Proprietor Number (for proprietor level matters) and Bev will call you back 07368829835 

This is the website for Arun Court School. If you are looking for Big Bear Bespoke Education consultancy please go to 


These services are not associated with us. We are not responsible for the quality of service they provide, we are recommending them based on the positive experiences of some young people known to us. By inclusion in this list nor are we suggesting that we are in any way affiliated with these servcies. 

ANXIETY UK - Support, online counselling, magazine, advice 

Text line: 07537416905

Info line: 03444775774 

 A magazine packed full of useful articles around not just ASD, but the mental health aspects associated with it - fascinating reading and lots of signalling to specialist support. 


Website provides support for young people, professionals and parents. Young people who feel they are having a mental health crisis can get instant emergency support by texting YM to 85258


depression and suicide prevention charity for men and young males. Very useful overnight support line 5pm to midnight.

0800 58 58 58 

OCD UK - advice, online counselling, support and magazine. Dedicated youth services.


PAPYRUS - suicide prevention young people's hotline 0800 068 41 41 

An eating disorder support service - smaller than some of the bigger associations, but specifically aimed at young people.

01482 718130

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