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We are working with an increasing number of schools who have made contact with us either directly or via parent referral. 


Often we are supporting cases where students have a diagnosis or have recieved a late diagnosis of a condition that has associated levels of anxiety (such as PDA, ASD, PTSD). The schools feel well placed to deliver ASD support strategies, and in many cases the student has a history of having performed well, but has then gone into mental health crisis - which schools often do not have the skills, resources or support to deal with. 


We want more children to stay in school and not leave due to mental health crisis. We can work with schools to support these types of children both directly and through staff training, risk management and resourcing. We work alongside the other professionals involved such as CAMHs. 


Advantages of using Big Bear Bespoke Education Ltd:


Bespoke packages of support based on the needs of your school and the student(s) rather than a generic 'scheme' 


Access to a wide range of professionals and therapists as well as educationalists 


A personal approach - we genuinely care


A proven track record of success with such students 


A realistic approach - we understand the school environment, pressures and the need for all children to have positive outcomes. We will start from your own starting point - and not waste precious time, or disrespect your professionalism, by discussing strategies you already know about or by giving you schemes and resources feely available online 



We work with schools to support lead staff in designing well-being curriculums that are measurable, purposeful and Ofsted ready. 


We hate seeing tokenistic practice, and will not advocate training or services which simply tick a box - we want to help you a achieve a service that all your community will value and benefit from so that your ethos and philosophy towards mental health reflects the very best practice across the world. We provide research driven solutions. 



Building on the success of our sister company's business psychology services, as well as our own work with schools, we can provide experienced consultants to help your staff members perform to their best. 


Why use Big Bear Bespoke Education?


- Reduce reliance on supply staff 

 -Reduce staff sickness

-Increase reflective practice 

-Increase staff morale 

 -Put your school at the forefront of positive mental health 

- Ensure the ethos you want for your children's services is also applied to your most valuable resource; your staff 

- Meet specific objectives and aims through solution-focussed coaching 

- Alter negative behaviours through a psychology and CBT led approach

- All packages of support are measurable and reportable to governing bodies and other external moderators 





Adam our therapy dog 

Would your care home, school or charity like a visit from Adam or from our therapy rabbit Bugs? We do a lot of volunteering visits, so give us a call if you'd like us to pop by (guildford and surrounding areas)

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