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Art project from Bev started: Monday 23/03

Hi everyone! Hope you are keeping safe and enjoying the online platform. Hannah will be ringing you all today for a chat too, so let her know how you are feeling! Dr Vikki is still working every Monday so let us know if you need a call from her too. 


It is important to keep your creativity active and to allow your mind some 'peace' from all the stuff on the news. I'm starting a fantasy landscape project today for Matt and Jack, but I'd love you all to join in too if you'd like to! I've been really self-controlled and not included a unicorn too .... yet!!! 


Matt, Taylan, Marcus - and anyone else with the right equipment - if you want to do this digitally that is totally cool. Fern - I think this will be right up your street and I reckon dad might also like to have a go; quite happy for you to work together and maybe mix your media up a bit. Sophie and Lily-May, maybe think about a fabric or collage version? Liam and Aaron perhaps try the fine arts version ... then try it in Manga?  I'm going 'old school' pencil drawing, but I'm really looking forward to everyone's interpretation! 


Save everything, including pre-sketches on the backs of old envelopes etc - as it can all be mounted and will count towards your porfolio! 


Send me your starting points etc to

and I'll post them on the website! 

Stage 1 - previous work and exploration 


We've been looking at shading and figure drawing a lot. If you find shading hard consider replacing the dark, mid and light areas with a colour instead then map the figure into a jigsaw. It then really helps you to be bolder with your tones when you try shading again. 

Work at drawing skulls. It's so important in art to understand the human form, a face is a skull with flesh on it - try different angles. You can then use this within your final peice to help build a relationship between different elements and figures within your landscape. 

Stage 2 Think of a story 

I'm going to call my landscape 'awakening'

In the foreground, left hand corner will be a figure turning its head as in the background right hand corner will be a waking dragon. I'll place trees to guide the viewer's eyes across the page and to the dragon. I start by dividing my page into 16 rectangles. This helps give me a sense of scale for my different elements

I can then vaguely map things with 'blobs'. When I'm happy I'm going to start on a rough skull outline which I can start to develop into my figure. I can then  turn to the dragon - I want it to feel sinuous and connected to the landscpae, but it's position also needs to relate to the eyeline of my main character. I'm then going to map trees to create a clear 'pathway' - rather than physically drawing in a path. I want the relationsip to feel unclear - Is the person scared? Is the person going to flee? Are they in a symbiotic relationship with the dragon and want it to awaken? I want the picture to literally capture that very first moment when they hear the noise .... and leave the viewer to invent their own storyline. I need to be happy before I move onto stage 3 and start adding detail - don't be afriad to rub out and replace items at this planning stage. 

Stage 3 - last bit for today! 

Start to look at the detail of your main character. Don't be afraid to really 'work' this person and be bold with your dark tones. For the lightest areas use your rubber to remove areas of shading and add definition! I'll be back tomorrow having really worked on my character - so I'll show you her again tomorrow! 



Stage four - Placing the trees, making the horizon clear and starting to add detail 


Use trees, grass or other features to show your understanding of scale and place them to lead the viewer's eye in the direction you'd like them to see. 

My trees form a central 'path' through the gap to make the viewer look first at the figure, then the dragon and then the sunrise. 


Next remove any gridlines before it becomes too hard to do so - you'll need to refill in some places. 


Then darken up the horizon lines and make sure you've decided where to place any light source as this will change the shadowing. Add texture to trees and don't be afraid to get that rubber out as a way of adding shards of light!


We are far from  finished so keep logging on to find out more! Send me how far you've got to and I'll send you some personal pointers specific to your picture. I can;t wait to see what you all produce! Also check out the superhero page to see Alice and Marcus' awesome work so far. 



Check out Matthew's preliminary sketch - I like the adding of a bridge and the sword definately adds a sense of expectation as to what is going to occur. The layout reminds me slightly of a Gainsborough type landscape, but with menance instead of calm romantic figures!


Stage 5 is about 'embedding' the character in the landscape by adding detail - look at how Matthew's work has progressed!


These services are not associated with us. We are not responsible for the quality of service they provide, we are recommending them based on the positive experiences of some young people known to us. By inclusion in this list nor are we suggesting that we are in any way affiliated with these servcies. 

ANXIETY UK - Support, online counselling, magazine, advice 

Text line: 07537416905

Info line: 03444775774 

 A magazine packed full of useful articles around not just ASD, but the mental health aspects associated with it - fascinating reading and lots of signalling to specialist support. 


Website provides support for young people, professionals and parents. Young people who feel they are having a mental health crisis can get instant emergency support by texting YM to 85258


depression and suicide prevention charity for men and young males. Very useful overnight support line 5pm to midnight.

0800 58 58 58 

OCD UK - advice, online counselling, support and magazine. Dedicated youth services.


PAPYRUS - suicide prevention young people's hotline 0800 068 41 41 

An eating disorder support service - smaller than some of the bigger associations, but specifically aimed at young people.

01482 718130

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