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Welcome to Big Bear Bespoke Education Ltd 

Big Bear Bespoke Education Ltd has a connection with Arun Court School because it is part owned by our proprietor, Beverley-Sarah White, and was once the owner of the 'school' when it was a well-being centre. Big Bear is a profit making company, unlike the school, but has never been profits driven. It offers a wide range of services from our offices which are open Monday to Wednesday. Thursdays and Fridays the offices are closed for activities but consultants are still available to work out in the community and phone lines are open.    01483 892213


We provide 3 core services:


  1.  Part time educational support and at home tuition for young people who are 'Education Otherwise' and working towards being able to access a suitable school. These contracts can be both privately and LEA brokered. We offer more hours than many agencies, up to a maximum of 15 per week, and we are happy to work in collaboration with other services such as A2E, Change of Scene, Mane Chance as well as Sparrow Farm to build a package around a student that the LEA is finding difficult to place, or to support families who are home educating. Services DO NOT take place on the Arun Court school site, rather at our separate offices still in Bramley, or in the student home. Our tuition is blended with well-being strategies / mental health support and our consultants only work with students who have high anxiety needs, which may also be accompanied by specific diagnosis such as ASD, ADHD, PDA or dyslexia. Services provided above do not ensure automatic entry to Arun Court School which has its own separate governing body and admissions criteria.
  2.  R-OUT-ES intensive college support service which aims to support young people who are at risk of placement failure in mainstream colleges or are finding it very difficult to access their college placement due to mental health needs. Ages 17 - 22. This can  include up to 15 hours additional support based at our offices as well as in-college support. This service must be alongside a registered college provider. 
  3.  Mediation between parents and schools, support for professionals

SERVICE ONE (Hampshire & Surrey)

Working either with home educating families or those that would otherwise be missing from education due to exclusion or high anxiety needs. Our specialist(s) will travel to you and provide:

1) Interest-led academic certified tuition 

2) Mental health support

3) Social skills and life skills training 

4) Access to psychology and therapy support, well-being and resources including family support workers

5) A wide range of consultants at different levels and with different areas of interest and specialism 

6) We can also support with specific tuition for diplomas and GCSEs 

7) Opportunities for students to be grouped as their anxiety decreases, with students meeting late afternoon or at a Saturday Learning Group - not interfering with other services or the opportunity to trial at local schools  


We are happy to take self-funding and LEA funding referrals in the Surrey area. We also have support mechanisms on the Hampshire boarder (Aldershot / Farnborough) This kind of work is specialist and intensive and we aim to provide a quality service, so prices do reflect that. Prices are usually around £48 - £80 per hour including VAT depending on the service being provided. 

Support is available for Ages 4 - 18 

You will find us regularly advertising in, and sometimes contributing to, publications such as Autism Eye, Families magazine and the TES. 



R-OUT-ES  (REACH - OUT- ENJOY & SUCCEED) from Big Bear Bepoke Education. Think your anxiety will prevent you accessing college? - Think again. 


Taking place Monday to Wednesday 10:30-16:00 on site in our bright, airy conference room, with further outreach services throughout the week. Both private and L.E.A EHCP referrals are welcome. We have supported students regsitered at Guildford College, Reigate College and UCA. 


For students who are registered with a college course but need more support in order to attend. This means that colleges are able to take students who academically are capable of a course, but whose mental, emotional and behavioural needs are beyond their usual services. This is educational as well as mental-health support, and we can enhance their college course by supporting with aligned diploma level tuition, maths and English re-takes, as well as working on life skills and anxiety needs. Each package is totally bespoke but tends to include:


1) tuition and educational support (we can support a wide range of college courses)

2) Additional supported diploma level study (Lots available including beauty, animal studies, photography)

3) AQA Action awards and life skills training 

4) 1:1 Therapy 

5) In college training and support for staff as needed

6) Fully assisted and accompanied work experience

7) Visits to college with the student, helping them to keep up with work assignments and access areas of college life that their associated needs would prevent them from doing otherwise. 


R-OUT-ES also runs one off six week courses for those who do not require a full placement in both life skills, arts and crafts and mindfulness.


SERVICE THREE: We provide heavily subsidized courses for teachers, pastoral support workers, Home-School Link workers, DSLs, LSAs, T.As and other professionals ...


Including our totally FREE monthly Surrey Pastoral Network Meetings which provide collaborative supervision for pastural and school staff with attendance from a clinical psychologist when possible or other professionals (ie a chance to confidentially discuss your own well-being and share ideas for how to support students). The network is about idea sharing, particularly around the wider nature of safeguarding and the links to school well-being provision, and also runs a free resource library where you can borrow books, weighted therapy equipment, writing slopes, wobble cushions, mindfulness equipment etc.


The core principal is that schools should develop a culture of safegaurding supervision (and there are many different models for this) with those in both DSL and well-being roles at the centre of the process. The idea of networking supervision meetings is particularly appealing to schools with less numbers of students as it gives them access to a much wider range of issues and experience. Due to the 'need to know' aspect of this work student names are never used and core issues, posed as questions, are discussed rather than details.   The key government guidance document, Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018), refers to supervision; and it is mandatory in the Early Years’ Framework (2017) (paragraph 3.21). Serious case reviews continue to cite a lack of supervision as one of the contributory factors. 


We also highly recommend the NSPCC training on starting and leading supervision meetings within your educational setting available on their website


Note to ELSAs: The sessions are non-heirachical and should not be confused with performance management or therapeutic supervision meetings run by school Educational Psychology services for ELSAs. ELSAs are of course welcome to attend, but should still attend their meetings with their L.E.A EP, which have a different supervision model and are essential for ELSAs if they are to remain on the L.E.A ELSA register. 


Our next free SPN meeting, open for registration, is on 22nd June and we will follow this agenda format:


1. Welcome: Time to catch up and eat a late breakfast treat 

2.  Breaking into groups to discuss the 'sticky issues' (any difficulties that have been experienced since the last meeting, ideas for self-awareness and keeping ourselves healthy, ideas for supporting specific cases - no names of students ever allowed)

3. Groups report back any safeguarding concerns or learning journey which they feel it is important to share 

4. Presentation and Q&A on using smaller animals for therapy and mindfulness (as requested from last meeting) with visit from specific animals / schools to tbc nearer the time

5. Another school to share it's safegaurding supervision structure and how this is working to meet NSPCC recommendations - tbc which school 

5. Lending library returns and new borrowing 

6. Suggestions for the group. Depart 




In school support for Professionals


We always work in teams with an educational and mental health representative. Schools requiring it can have a private clinical psychologist visit, without having to wait for an NHS referral, at an additional cost. We can visit nurseries, schools and settings to provide:


1) Support with student behaviour 

2) Support in creating a school curriculum where mental health is at the centre - leading to outstanding student development 

3) Support and training in specific areas of mental health including suicide and self harm, OCD, PTSD 

4) Leadership coaching, support for underperforming staff, support for staff with mental health needs, in-house regular group supervision meetings for those working in pastoral roles (not ELSAs as these require EP, not clinical or leadership supervision)

Again, due to our corporate partnerships scheme, these services are very cost-effective starting at just £240 for half a day of support. 


We provide courses for professionals held at our conference room in Bramley or at your own venue. Due to our corporate partnerships initiative we provide these at extremely low prices- around £40 per attendee. 


These services are not associated with us. We are not responsible for the quality of service they provide, we are recommending them based on the positive experiences of some young people known to us. By inclusion in this list nor are we suggesting that we are in any way affiliated with these servcies. 

ANXIETY UK - Support, online counselling, magazine, advice 

Text line: 07537416905

Info line: 03444775774 

 A magazine packed full of useful articles around not just ASD, but the mental health aspects associated with it - fascinating reading and lots of signalling to specialist support. 


Website provides support for young people, professionals and parents. Young people who feel they are having a mental health crisis can get instant emergency support by texting YM to 85258


depression and suicide prevention charity for men and young males. Very useful overnight support line 5pm to midnight.

0800 58 58 58 

OCD UK - advice, online counselling, support and magazine. Dedicated youth services.


PAPYRUS - suicide prevention young people's hotline 0800 068 41 41 

An eating disorder support service - smaller than some of the bigger associations, but specifically aimed at young people.

01482 718130

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