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"This is a very special school. The development of students is outstanding" Ofsted Nov. 2019 

  100% of students said they felt safe at our school,                                                                           100% of parents felt the school was safe                                                                                     100% of staff reported high levels of job satisfaction and that they felt supported and valued 

OFSTED report for inspection date 13th-15th November 2019
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An ASD, SEN and Mental Health Recovery School for those with high anxiety 


We were founded by our proprietor Beverley-Sarah White who wanted to set up a genuine 'Nordic' inspired progressive education environment where the holistic mental health support was totally integrated into learning and daily life. Where the development of the whole child was a priority and where they had much greater say in both their therapeutic and educational journey. She wanted a place where parents felt part of the process - a family, rather than a school. Originally the school had a heavy focus specifically on higher functioning ASD but over time has grown to work with a larger range of individuals with anxiety needs and a large range of SEN needs associated with that anxiety such as dyslexia and ADHD. To attend the school your EHCP will need to have a heavy focus on mental health needs and anxiety. The core journey is always about ....


1) Helping the young person to get well by providing a small nurturing, caring and alternative environment that feels more like home 


2) Helping the young person and family to build resilience and 'Sisu' through teaching techniques to reduce anxiety 


3) Intensive educational support but in a progressive manner, allowing for students to fall in love with their learning again and the exercise a higher degree of control over their learning journey 


4) Transition to state SEN settings or mainstream schools once able to do so. For many students this will be at college age, however we do have students who show they are ready for this earlier and want/need a larger setting due to an improvement in their anxiety and a desire to widen friendships. Some also catch up to a point where they need a setting with a wider range of subjects and facilities at GCSE (our students only take 4-5 subjects as required for their next step) - transitions then occur in year 8,9 and 10. 


5) Providing on-going services and support for those that wanted to keep in contact or look us up at a later date - at no extra cost to the LEA (A family doesn't look the other way in your time of need, even if you've been away for a while!)


We were originally a 'tuition and therapy' facility and have been open for 8 years. We gained school status in December 2018, but did not start operating fully as a school until the April 2019. We had our first full Ofsted in November 2019 - having only been operating for 8 months and are very proud of our Good and Outstanding judgements across the categories, with an overall Good judgement. 


Funding statement


We are very aware that it is the tax-payer funding our work through EHCP. We do not operate as a profitable company with a dividend structure, rather all staff are salaried and we break-even each year.


Very few children have additional Pupil Premium payments, but where this is the case, we use it to fund programmes of additional 1:1 tuition to target a specific area of academic catch-up. In rare circumstances, where we feel there is strong evidence of benefit, we will also use pupil premium to contribute towards additional home learning resources such as subscriptions.


It is very important that parents understand that our school is founded on a principal of using EHCP funding intensively and wisely to help a young person build resilience and transition into a setting that is less expensive at an appropriate point. At transition we will work with all parties to support in the adjusting of the EHCP to ensure that the young person has the correct support as they move into greater independence.











Arun Court School (14 Arun Court, Bramley) - Previously 'The Learning & Well-Being centre' A non-profit making medium to long stay school for  Y7 - Y11/12 for EHCP funded students only.

DFE number: 936/6015 

Telephone: 01483 894858  email:


The Nurture Room at Arun Court- A transition and outreach service for students who are more housebound due to high anxiety/ depression / OCD - for EHCP funded students aged Year 5 and above. Some support also available for state schools who are facing difficulties with students and their mental health - any age of student. This service is 'first come first served' and is funded via our status as a non-profit independent with a community outreach programme.  

Telephone 01483 894858    email: 





Safeguarding Statement:  We are a setting for extremely vulnerable young people and as such we are very aware that we will attract those who may have undesirable intentions towards children. We are committed to ensuring that children, young people and vulnerable adults are safeguarded when in our care. As such we are unable to accept CVs. If you like what you see and are interested in working with us you will need to visit ETeach or Indeed. where we advertise all our current vacancies. We follow a rigorous selection and interview process, and all applications are via an ETeach application form which we carefully consider. All posts with us are subject to continued checks, including references, disbarred from teaching, disbarred from working with young people, section 128 and DBS, and we continue to monitor the behaviours and working practices of all adults, including freelance practitioners and volunteers closely, to ensure all students are safe, happy and learning well.  In addition adults are expected to make a declaration each term that they are fit to work with children and further checks are made on their current status. Prospective teachers and helpers can join our ETeach portal to be notified of vacances as they arise. All adults, including visiting professionals, are expected to have high standards of professional conduct and put the safety of young people first at all times. At this setting we have a live and real belief that 'It could happen anywhere' and staff have lots of supervision opportunities in which to raise any concerns they may have regarding fellow staff members in confidence. 

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