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Big Bear Bespoke Education Ltd       01483 894858 HOLISTIC. ACADEMIC. INVENTIVE. RELEVANTDiscover the joy of learning again  


3B Education (Big Bear Bespoke Education Ltd)

3B Education was founded to ensure that all students, including those with mental health or SEN needs, can access enjoyable, innovative learning opportunities. It was founded to promote teaching with a higher focus on mental well-being, enjoyment, creativity and life skills. We promote a more Scandinavian approach to life, health and learning, and offer a more 'bespoke' experience based around the individual learner. 


We are a private company trading under 'Bear Bespoke Education' which currently has a local offer to EHCP funded individuals of:

  1. Arun Court (14 Arun Court, Bramley. Photo 1) - A part time alternative setting which will become a school in January for Y7 - Y11/12  Telephone: 01483 894858 
  2. Swipe2Learn - A via Skype tuition service for students who are more housebound 
  3. Routes based at the Bramley Learning Hub (11 High Street Bramley. Photo 2) - a post 16 college provision based on supporting 18 - 21 year olds who are at a functional skills level and need a route into purposeful, enjoyable employment. Telephone: 01483 898004 


In addition, our sister company also has an educational publishing wing and a consultancy/support programme for professionals. Our company offices are based on the outskirts of Bramley. 


To find out more about how we can help you enjoy learning again in a relevant, exciting and healthy environment please select one of the tabs above! 


Safeguarding Statement:  We are committed to ensuring that children are safeguarded when in our care. As such we are unable to accept CVs. If you like what you see and are interested in working with us you will need to visit ETeach where we advertise all our current vacancies. We follow a rigorous selection and interview process, and all applications are via an ETeach application form which we carefully consider. All posts with us are subject to continued checks, including references, disbarred from teaching, disbarred from working with young people, section 128 and DBS, and we continue to monitor the behaviours and working practices of all adults, including freelance practitioners and volunteers,  closely to ensure all students are safe, happy and learning well.  In addition adults are expected to make a declaration each term that they are fit to work with children and further checks are made on their current status. Prospective teachers and helpers can join our ETeach portal to be notified of vacances as they arise. All adults, including visiting professionals, are expected to have high standards of professional conduct and put the safety of young people first at all times.

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