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Welcome back! This half term of tuition runs from Monday 20th February to Friday 31st March inclusive.


Safeguarding Statement:  We are committed to ensuring that children are safeguarded when in our care. As such we are unable to accept CVs. If you like what you see and are interested in working with us you will need to visit ETeach where we advertise all our current vacancies. We follow a rigorous selection and interview process, and all applications are via an ETeach application form which we carefully consider. All posts with us are subject to continued checks, including references and DBS, and we continue to monitor the behaviours and working practices of all adults, including freelance tutors and volunteers,  closely to ensure all students are safe, happy and learning well. All Ofsted registered premises are expected to have a code of conduct for any adults on the premises, and for us this is our 'rules for tutors' document and our safeguarding policies. In addition adults are expected to make a declaration each term that they are fit to work with children and are not disqualified under the 'barred by association' laws. Prospective teachers and helpers can join our ETeach portal to be notified of vacances as they arise. All adults, including visiting professionals, are expected to have high standards of professional conduct and put the safety of young people first at all times.

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Contacts for services at Big Bear Bespoke Education Ltd

Directors, LEA services and Finance Office                                            

Bramley Learning Hub; Reception, bookings and marketing            

01483 894858


Exams Centre; check your URN, book exams, contact the exams officer

A blended approach - therapy, well-being approaches and confidence building are delivered 'at the point of need' within the learning experience. Tuition classes of a manageable length - 45 minutes, with 15 minute break intervals if you are staying for the next class.


A collaborative approach - working with your registered school, college, registered A2E or online school provision, or in the case of home educators your other main groups and private tutors. We also run a separate consultancy advice service and have worked with many top schools in the area including Cranmore, Lanesborough and many state schools. We have a great track record of supporting students back into full time school provision when they are ready. We also work in partnership with colleges to support post 16 students to re-take GCSEs, gain life skills or take A levels. Exams can be taken on site, reducing anxiety.


Staff with lots of experience in supporting students through a coaching, mentoring and facilitating approach. Maximum centre ratio of 1 adult to 2.5 students (most days the ratio is 1:2 or better) with several students also having 1:1 as well. Qualified teachers and experienced support staff, including therapists. Our director is a therapist, teacher and has been a head teacher of two large state primary schools, including unit provision. We are happy to support in the home initially, transition to the centre and then finally to school or college.


A very small setting. We take a maximum of 36 students at any one time period, spread over 10 learning spaces. 10 qualified and experienced teachers, plus up to 8 LMTs, mentors and therapists on site at a time. LMTs all have experience of working in specialist mental health or educational provision. English and maths available at various points (3 maths teachers, 3 English teachers) throughout the day, allowing for flexible schedules.


Scandinavian curriculum and approach - negotiated learning, more freedom to study areas of personal interest, wider subject experience with a much higher focus on life skills, work-place skills and 'real' life


Bespoke - the individual is at the centre and their programme is about meeting them where they currently are. A 'restoration' approach for students with high anxiety, trauma and other mental health needs.


Monthly O.T visits, fortnightly clinical psychologist input.


A health first approach - we accept a full range of students who may or may not have a diagnosis. Our focus in on anxiety reduction leading to academic and personal success. We take ..


  • Students who lack confidence and may have had bad experiences at school, including home educated students
  • Students who refuse to attend school due to anxiety
  • Students who are academically able but socially anxious
  • Students who have OCD
  • Students who have eating disorders
  • Students who have depression
  • Students who have been known to self harm
  • Students who are in crisis
  • Students who have been bullied
  • Students who have trauma-induced anxiety
  • Students with anxiety induced tourettes
  • Students who have anxiety induced sensory processing needs or those who require such a high level of sensory processing that they can't be catered for in a school
  • Students with rarer diagnosis types, which can also be affected by high anxiety - we have worked with Williams syndrome, Turners Syndrome, Prader-Willi, Mosaic down syndrome
  • Students suffering with psychosis (we regularly work with children as young as 9 through to adult)



Due to the above list we do have several students who are very high functioning, 'a-typical' ASD or PDA. For leaflets about how our approach can be beneficial to a specific diagnosis of ASD, PDA or post traumatic stress disorder please see the documents tab. We are not an exclusive ASD setting.



We accept referrals from private individuals, CAMHs, LEAs, schools and educational consultants. Our home educating prices for private clients are very competitive and families can pick and choose from individual sessions or paying for a whole afternoon.


EXCELLENT value for LEA supported students funded via EHCP; working in partnership with their registered provider.

LEAs can also bulk purchase places at even further reductions. Every package and programme is bespoke and high quality. Access to all our outside providers such as the ninjas, psychologists, OTs, forest school, DJ courses, visiting workshops is included.

Our LEA prices are better value than most other local providers and come in less expensive than many specialist school placements. We work with the registered school setting or the online school that the student is attending.



Calm centre with people who care and have the right level of experience = a place that doesn't look or feel like school = students who make amazing academic progress ... because they are well enough to do so = school return sometimes possible if desired.



















Tuition & well-being services  for ages 16 +


open 10:00 - 17:30 week days

(Exam centre opens at 8:30 am)

Choose the session slots you want and design your own timetable.

Tuition & well-being services for ages 8 -15 years   open 

13:00 - 17:30 week days

(We are closed in the mornings to allow you to potentially access 4 hours of registered school provision per day)


Morning support and social groups for parents. Parent accompanied classes for the under 8s.

We are an Open Access provider.

Data protection - we reserve the right to share your data with legal and debt collection services if you fail to make payment; other than that all data is never shared with third parties.


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