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Big Bear Bespoke Education Ltd Email: bigbearbespokeeducation@outlook.comCall: 01483 894858Website: Arun Court, 14 High Street, Bramley GU5 0HF  

Welcome to a different approach to learning!

Support for ages 3 - 19 including 11+, common entrance, SATs, GCSE & A Level after school.



Specialists in Learning Styles Analysis – we are particularly well placed to support very active or visual learners, even students with hyperactivity


Specialists in Autism, Aspergers, PDA – we are particularly known for being able to support students that do not fit ‘typical’ profiles. Classes for students and support for students from 3 to 19.


Specialists in anxiety reduction for all learners, including students who have been bullied, those with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or those with dyslexia.


We support school attending students, home educated students and also act as an alternative provision for students with statements/EHCPs


We can create packages of learning with therapeutic elements woven seamlessly and naturally into the learning


LEA funded clients - what parents need to know
Working with Local Authorities and SEN t[...]
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We bring learning to life!



What is a ‘Learning Styles, Creative, Child-Led approach?’


In a Finnish classroom, it is rare to see a teacher standing at the front of a classroom lecturing students for 30 minutes. Instead, students are likely to determine their own weekly targets with their teachers in specific subject areas and choose the tasks they will work on at their own pace. In a typical classroom, students are likely to be walking around, rotating through workshops or gathering information, asking questions of their teacher, and working with other students in small groups. They may be completing independent or group projects or writing articles for their own magazine. The cultivation of independence and active learning allows students to develop metacognitive skills that help them to frame, tackle, and solve problems; evaluate and improve their own work; and guide their learning processes in productive ways. Children start school at seven, before which they have access to highly trained pre-school professionals in kindergartens (many pre-school and school teachers are educated beyond degree level). At Kindergarten there is a high focus on learning from nature, verbal communication skills, developing a love of books and the story genre as well as motor skills development, social skills and problem solving tasks. 


At Big Bear Bespoke Education Ltd we recognise that there are three main learning styles and 9 multiple intelligences. We aim to meet the individual exactly where they are and use their natural learning tendencies to support their development. We blend the Scandinvian approach described above with a wide range of therapies - it is difficult to see where the 'learning ends' and the 'therapy' begins. During a tuition session children can access stress reduction technqiues, CBT, massage, weighted therapy, counselling, coaching and mentoring.


Gifted children, children with special educational needs (particularly Anxiety, ASD, PDA, Aspergers, speech development issues, social development needs, dyslexia), school phobic children, children with behavioural needs, children who are just a bit behind, children with confidence issues, children preparing for common entrance, children with memory issues, children who go to school, children who are home educated and children who are just super keen to learn more are all very welcome and can be catered for.


We can also support schools in providing additional services during school time or on the school premises as well as via consultancy and support and through training. We currently provide services to several preparatory schools in Surrey and Kent, as well as supporting the education of children outside the school system for SCC and some state sector schools.






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DRAWING FOR CALM classes at 4pm Friday FOR FREE

ART COURSES over the summer holidays from Wished For Designs

PDA, Anxiety and ASD support group starts 6th June

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